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Shop Upcycled Crossbody Tote for Flaunting Sustainability

Check out our crossbody tote—it's made to fit right into your life, no matter if you're off to work, doing your daily tasks, or just chilling out. This design means you get to be comfy and hands-free wherever you go. And here's the cool part: it's made from upcycled fabric, so you're doing your bit for the planet while feeling awesome about it. Plus, it's unisex, giving the mini tote bag crossbody an extra touch of versatility and character.

Mini Tote Bag Crossbody Have Adjustable & Detachable Shoulder Straps for Convenience

The crossbody canvas bags have their own special vibe and texture, thanks to upcycled fabric. They're roomy but not too bulky, striking that perfect balance. And here's the best part: you can mix it up! Wear it as a hands-free crossbody or rock that classic over-the-shoulder look—all thanks to the adjustable and detachable straps that let you do your thing. Inside, we've made sure your stuff stays safe and snug. These bags are great for your tech gear too, like laptops or tablets, which makes them a real all-rounder. Plus, they've got magnetic buttons to keep your things safe and sound in a jiffy making them the best travel purse crossbody. Cool, right?

Carry Your Vibe with Cross Body Canvas Bags Featuring Multiple Hues & Pockets

These crossbody bags for women and men serve myriad purposes as they are thoughtfully designed with open and zippered pockets. Available in multiple colors that blend seamlessly with your attire, the grey crossbody exudes functionality. Their size strikes a perfect balance—capacious enough for your devices yet compact enough to remain effortlessly manageable. Your tote crossbody handbag is a champion of sustainability with every detail designed to harness a conscious lifestyle. Designed to preserve marine life by using upcycled fabric, your bags will convey your conscientiousness boldly.

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