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Buy Upcycled Unisex Shoulder Bags for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Looking to make a conscious effort for sustainability? Try out our upcycled Shoulder Bags that contribute to safeguarding the environment by using waste fabric responsibly. This limited-edition range of shoulder bags for women and men is precisely handcrafted by our women artisans. The use of upcycled materials and sleek design convey functionality while speaking volumes about your consciousness for sustainability. This bag is a game-changer for your day-to-day activities, perfect for hauling your keys, papers, books, chargers, and more.

Padded Shoulder Bags for Women for Additional Safety

There’s nothing more exciting than our one-of-a-kind sustainable designer shoulder bags! We've got a variety, from large to small shoulder bags, with each being totally unique and ready to jazz up any outfit. Space is not a concern, for they are compact yet roomy enough for all your office or college gear. These bags are made from upcycled fabric, so they're a responsible choice. This exclusive range includes bags that have a soft lining and padding inside to keep your stuff safe, while others come with double zippers for extra security and a front buckle to keep things locked in place! Cool, right?

Designer Shoulder Bags with Adjustable Straps for Balancing Weight & Height

Adjusting that shoulder strap? Super easy with our bag. You can make it longer or shorter—totally up to you! And get this, it's tough and wide, so it takes the weight off your shoulders. There's plenty of room inside for your stuff, all nicely organized in different compartments. Plus, you can unhook the strap if you want to carry it differently. These bags? Easy to keep clean and looking good. They're for everyone, whether you are a girl or a guy. A must-have for your wardrobe to show your support for women artisans as they are made by them. Check out our cool collection and support sustainability by grabbing one of these upcycled crossbody shoulder bags!

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