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“Our capability to transform our surroundings if used wisely can bring all people the benefits of development and enhance the quality of life, but through ignorance or indifference, we can do massive and irreversible harm to the environment on which our life and well-being depend. We see around us growing evidence of harm. Dangerous levels of pollution in water, air, earth, and living beings. Major disturbance to ecological balance, distraction and depletion of irreplaceable resources.”
These are a few words from the 1972 declaration of the human environment. This left me completely speechless. How can we humans do so much harm to the environment? Let me give you a few examples:
  • Shellfish farmers in California are losing their jobs due to acidified waters caused by excessive pollution.
  • Rainforest trees in Australia are burning down twice the rate due to extreme climate change.
  • Species such as the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker have become extinct and many species are left endangered.
  • Carbon Dioxide emissions have increased by 90% raising the carbon footprint.
How absurd is it to think that this is reality? This is a wake-up call to the human race that we need to shape our actions to support each other and the ecology around us. To achieve this we need to spread awareness and do our part. Even though the most you may be able to do is walk to school or work. We all need to start somewhere and with even a little contribution from each individual, a mass impact can be created on the environment. We at Bags by the Ocean and millions of others at the UN and around the world believe in this message. We all have to share the same Earth, it’s our choice how we want to live on it, an evergreen land with everyone at peace or a dry desert filled with fear, war, and lack of resources.
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