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There is no doubt that you are as sick as I am about hearing about the rise in global warming and climate change. 
Let's change things up a bit.
Here is a recap of a few positive environmental stories from 2022.
Things that went well for the environment in 2022
  • New Rules Are Coming Up
    The Europe region has made some changes and introduced stricter gas emission rules to help reduce the amount of global warming from agricultural, road transport, and building industries.
  • Upgrades To Technology Are Underway
    The UN will invest  €3.1 Billion into building early warning systems against climate disasters for everyone on earth.
  • Counties Pledge To Eradicate Deforestation
    More than 25 countries launched a group to hold each other accountable for a pledge to end deforestation by 2030, adding additional funding to the effort. 
The new group includes Japan, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, and others, consisting of 35% of the world's forests.
  • Plastic Manufacturers Could Pay For Litter Collection Soon
    Plastic manufacturers in Germany will soon be forced to pay for litter collecting. Starting in 2025, a new bill will require makers of products containing single-use plastic to pay into a central fund managed by the government. 
Approximately €450 million is expected to be raised in its first year, which will be invested toward cleaning up litter in streets and parks.
  • The Solar Energy Revolution Is In Full Swing
The village of Modhera in western India's Gujarat state has become the country's first to run entirely on solar energy. 
India, which accounts for the world's third-largest carbon dioxide emitter, aims to meet half of its energy demands from renewable sources, such as solar and wind, by 2030.
  • Sustainability Is In The Air
China is building the world's largest wind farm, which will power about 13 million homes through renewable energy.
  • It's Time for a Bold Movement
The largest domestic bank in Britain has vowed not to fund or lend to oil and gas companies again.
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