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From the bags we carry to the bags we give as gifts; our bags are ever-present. Whether you’re going to run errands, shop, work, school, or a night out with friends, they are always the last thing we grab before we walk out the door. So, when it comes to our everyday bags, we want them to be stylish, functional, affordable, but most of all eco-conscious. 

Who said Eco-conscious bags have to look boring? That’s why we created Bags by the Ocean, we design gorgeous, functional, and reliable bags from upcycled materials! No matter if you’re a fashionista, student, teacher, corporate worker, homemaker, or athlete when you switch your daily bags over to upcycled ones, you will help protect our planet, because a hero lies in you!  

Why Choose Bags by the Ocean Bags?  

Bags by the Ocean was created by Ananyaa Shah at 14 years old who is enthusiastic about making the world a greener place. We help reduce marine pollution by turning industrial waste that would otherwise populate landfills or the ocean into beautiful pieces. Additionally, the bags are stitched by skilled seamstresses. So, when you buy a bag from us, you contribute to supporting the environment and women workers! 

We strive to create limited-edition bags that are both timeless and stylish, but also offer a modern and fresh take on the classics. This is a great way for us to create a bag that is both functional and beautiful, while at the same time being environmentally conscious. 

Unique Tote Bags to Make a Statement  

Make a splash with unique limited-edition tote bags from our collection. Available in two sizes with various designs and colors, the bags are bound to become staple pieces in your daily ensemble. Our Tote Bags are perfect for carrying all your essentials – they are spacious but not too bulky, so you can bring everything you need without looking or feeling loaded down! 

Crafted for Your Convenience, Eco-conscious Pouches 

It seems like we are always on the go, and that is why we want to replace our boring wallets with a stylish and convenient alternative. The perfect eco-conscious alternative to traditional wallets is our upcycled eco-friendly pouches. We love to use ours when we are running errands, for our shopping needs, or when we have a special event to attend. It allows us to keep our money, cards, and phone in one place and in a fashionable way! 

Duffle Bags for any Activity of Your Life 

Bags by the Ocean has ultra-stylish Duffle Bags to carry everything you need and look good doing it! Make a statement on the beach, at school, at the gym, or even at the hospital. Our unique and functional Duffle Bags are perfect for gym-goers, travelers, students, and anyone else who needs a reliable bag to carry their items. 

Ready to Help Save the World?  

At Bags by the Ocean, we know that no two bags are the same. That is why we created our eco-conscious bags in a variety of different styles. We want you to have the perfect bag for all of your everyday needs and adventures, so we encourage you to browse our collection and find the perfect bag for you. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed with the quality of our bags. So, if you’re looking for an eco-conscious bag that’s stylish, practical, and affordable, then you’re in the right place! Check out our shop to find the perfect bags for your needs today! 

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